Bank och finans Publikationer

The Insurance and Reinsurance Review | Swedish chapter

The Insurance and Reinsurance Review, pub­lished by Law Business Research, are gui­des to de­vel­op­ments in var­i­ous le­gal prac­tice ar­eas in key ju­ris­dic­ti­ons. Hamilton has con­tri­bu­ted to the se­venth edi­ti­on of the Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review.

The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review play an im­por­tant ro­le in the world eco­nomy. It is an incre­a­singly glo­bal in­du­stry, with emer­ging mar­kets in Asia and Latin America de­ve­lo­ping apa­ce.

The Swedish chap­ter of the pub­li­ca­ti­on is avail­ab­le he­re.